Beekeeping is a challenge, especially for novices. It is satisfying when you get it right, with plenty of honey and hives full of healthy bees. But sometimes help and advice are needed to get to that stage.

Do you live in Herefordshire, and want to keep bees, or at least learn more about them? We can help, or if you already keep bees we can offer mutual support and advice.

We have indoor and outdoor events throughout the year, and local groups (Local Activity Networks, or LANs) which have meetings at Members’ apiaries during the outdoor working season that help new members gain experience handling bees.

  • We can give you advice and help on management and disease problems.
  • We can advise you what to do with a swarm if you find one in your garden.
  • We can give you opportunities to gain ‘bee experience’ with local friendly beekeepers.

If you are interested in bees or want to find out more please contact us to discuss becoming a Full or Associate member of the HBKA.

You can join HBKA online; click here to join or subscribe to HBKA. You can pay with PayPal/Card/BACS/Cheque.

Herefordshire Beekeepers’ Association is a registered Charity, No. 1174917